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  • Qudratullah Shahab Qudratullah Shahab
  • Canon Canon
  • Bano Qudsia Bano Qudsia
  • Parker Parker
  • Chef Zakir Chef Zakir
  • Pelikan Pelikan
  • Chef Shireen Anwar Chef Shireen Anwar
  • Umaira Ahmed Umaira Ahmed
  • Parveen Shakir Parveen Shakir

About Us

About Us

Iftikhar Book Depot was established in 1955 and thus has been in operation for over 59 years. Today, it enjoys the status of being one of Pakistan’s leading publishers and booksellers. We serve not only as publishers but also as  distributors for some of the Pakistan’s leading publishers.

We have a vast collection of books on a wide array of genres that vary from Children , General to Social Sciences, Religion and Arts. We also have the privilege of being publishers of Islamic books in collaboration with the top of the line scholars of Pakistan.

As far as academic books are concerned our collection varies from Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary to O & A-Level books. We also have a vast selection of general reading books for libraries for all age groups and subjects.

Our catalogues can be reviewed and our books can also be perused from our website

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